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ICBR Virtual Fundraiser

Grow Stronger For generations to come ICBR Virtual Fundraiser April 17, 2021 5-7pm EST   With guest speakers: Sheikh Yasir Qadhi Imam Yousuf Abdullah Imam Fathi Khalfi Imam Mohamad Zahed Dr. Bassem Alahalabi & Br. Moeen Khalil For more info and to donate, please visit :

Community Nominations Announcement

A message from ICBR Shura: Request for Nominations: Alhamdu Lellah the community is growing and our facilities, responsibilities, and operations are growing as well, and with this growth, we are in constant need of people to donate their time, skills, expertise, passion, prayers, and of course financial assistance. Currently, we asking the community to nominate…

Imam Weekly Classes

Imam Fathi Weekly Classes ‘Ulum al-Quran, or ‘The Sciences of the Qur’an’ What is ‘Ulum al-Quran, or ‘The Sciences of the Qur’an’: The knowledge of ‘Ulum al-Quran, or ‘The Sciences of the Qur’an’, deals with the knowledge of those sciences that have a direct bearing on the recitation, history, understanding, and implementation of the Qur’an….

Jazakum Allah Khair

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatul Allah, It is a time of reflection as we bid farewell to the year 2020.  We have been blessed to be a part of an amazing community that not only continues to strengthen and grow our local Masjid, Islamic School but also the Muslim Community in the US. We start by…