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ICBR Imam Fathi Reminders

ICBR Imam Fathi Reminders   04/03/2020: Relying on Allah    Arabic Version   –   English Version

ICBR Remote Doctor Consultation (Telemedicine)

Dr. Ahmed Howeedy, a Family Medicine physician from our Boca Raton Muslim community is offering free online medical consultations for local members who fill ill and can’t see their doctor. Appointment can be made on the ICBR webpage for 15 min appointments slots between 3 and 4pm Monday through Thursday and Saturday. Please have your…

ICBR Food Delivery Service for the Elderly

ICBR Youths would like to assist our community elderly (over 65) with picking up and delivering groceries they have ordered from any of the local stores (Walmart, Target, Publix, etc…). Please fill this form: