ICBR Outreach is dedicated in exemplifying good muslims values by serving our community.  As muslims we set the best example for others to follow.  At ICBR Outreach we are involved in improving connections with members of our local community, muslim and non-muslim.

We are active members in political, interfaith and charity projects throughout the county and state.

(We are currently constructing our outreach page.  We will soon have a list of current programs and projects.  Please sign up for our email list so you can remain updated.)

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Events & Activities:

Volunteer Fair: Be Different 02/26/2017 Sunrise, FL

There are a lot of things that need to happen. If we stay the way we are, the community will stay the way it is. There are plenty of of opportunities for you. Come learn about the different ways you can get involved in your community! From making phone calls to moving furniture, or from…

Leadership Training Day 02/25/2017 1:00pm Sunrise, FL

With Emerge Leadership Training Day It’s 2017 and the RED PHONE IS RINGING! What are you going to do about it? Join us! It’s time to step up and find a way to create a web of strong leaders who will be ready to MOVE the community ahead. Discover the most powerful way to become…

Oasis of Hope small group meeting 02/24/2017 2:00pm ICBR

Oasis of Hope leaders meeting with the sisters of ICBR. Nava and Samah. www.oasisofpeace.org Small group discussion on the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Samah Salaime was born in the northern town of Tur’an located between Haifa and Tiberius. She grew up there and later attended Hebrew University where she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s…