ICBR Girl Scouts Bicycling & Nature Trail Exploration

September 20, 2014 ICBR Girl Scouts Mark Your Calendars: BICYCLING AND NATURE TRAIL Exploration Lets earn some badges: Nature Trail, Canoeing  & Bicycling (rent or bring your own) Activities for the parents: Shaded picnic areas, beach access. In-line skating, volleyball, trail walks, canoeing, and more. Pack your own lunch Time: 10: A.M.—Until Badge is earned…

New PTO Website

Bismillahi Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem, Asalaam Alaikum Dear Parents and Guardians of the Garden of Sahaba Academy, It is our humble and honorable privilege to announce the launch of the official 2014 – 2015 GSA PTO Website. Today marks the beginning of a new era, the willpower and joint efforts to realizing one vision – a vibrant…

ICBR Sports Progam Open House & Registration

Saturday 08/30/2014 ICBR Sports Progam Open House & Registration @ 5:15pm At ICBR For more info, please contact 561-755-1555 Please come and bring your family to meet the new ICBR Youth Activities Coordinator Br. Abdurrahman  Sabti for quick presentation & Q&A session Registration for Soccer, Strength & Conditioning, Martial Art and other sports programs.  

2014 Elections Candidate Forum – Palm Beach County

Saturday 09/6/2014 If you’re a resident of Palm Beach County don’t miss our Candidate Forum at the Islamic Center of Boca Raton, Saturday Sept 6th! Candidates for US House of Representatives, FL State Senate, and State Representative races in the 2014 General Elections will be at the Islamic Center of Boca Raton to meet with…

ICBR Monthly Open house for September

Thursday 09/4/2014 The Islamic Center of Boca Raton is pleased to invite you, your friends and families to our monthly community open house events. It is held in the first Thursday of each month between 7:00pm and 9:00pm. It’s open for everyone, no reservation required. It’s held at the main reception of the center at:…

Arabic Class Fall Semester started Aug 18th

Arabic Classes Fall Semester These courses Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), are designed to introduce students to the basic skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking. The class focuses on pronunciation, phonology and writing the Arabic alphabet. Gradually, through exploring the drills, exercises and class discussion, students develop oral and aural proficiency for communication and learn…

ICBR Girl Scouts Meeting

ICBR Girl Scout Troop 20313 will have a meeting on Saturday August 23rd.
It will be held at Islamic Center of Boca Raton activity room.
It will be in two sessions:
Parent Meeting at 12:00pm
Troop Meeting at 1:30pm
Please contact Sis Rasheeda 561-853-8121 for more information

GSA PTO Movie Night & PTO Election

Garden of the Sahaba Academy’s PTO presents Movie Night and PTO Elections When: This Saturday, August 23rd, 6:30pm sharp! Movie Night: Where: ICBR Activity Room Movie Admission: $4 (includes popcorn and drink) Come hungry, pizza on sale!!! Elections: Where: ICBR Musallah Let your voices be heard…vote for your 2014-2015 President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Teachers…

GSA Mandatory Orientation

Mandatory Orientation on Saturday, August 16th from 3:30pm-6:30pm! Orientation will begin at Islamic Center of Boca Raton Masjid (men’s prayer area), more details to come.

1st Annual Revert Club Iftar

Calling all reverts/converts/new Muslims! ICBR’s Revert Club is inviting all who have embraced Islam (old and new) to the 1st Annual Revert Club Iftar ICBR wishes to provide a welcoming environment for those who are new to the faith so that they feel like a part of the community and Muslim family insha’Allah. Take part…