ICBR is hiring an Executive Director

Categories: Community News,Events,Masjid

The Islamic Center of Boca Raton is excited to announce an opening for the Executive Director Position. The Executive Director will be in an exciting and influential position to make a great impact on Boca community and beyond, overseeing the mosque’s day-to-day operations and community events. The Executive Director will work with ICBR Shura Council and Imams, oversee the center’s staff and operations, serve as the point of contact for the community, and be the face of ICBR through outreach and community engagement. Qualifications include: minimal Bachelor’s degree, 2-5 years of experience in Community Service work or volunteer work, strong leadership and interpersonal skills, and a strong grasp of marketing and social media outreach.

Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply by emailing their resumes to masjid@icbr.org.

Click here for job description